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Additional Learning Needs

At Guilsfield CP School we believe that all children have strengths. We promote equal opportunities for all children, whatever their gender, background, race or ability. Our aim is to support all children’s health and well-being.

All children have an entitlement to an education which meets their needs and helps them face challenges as their future unfolds. This places a huge responsibility on the school but we meet it ‘head on’ and with enthusiasm and skill. We do the best we possibly can for every child.

We take a “whole school” approach towards Additional Learning Needs (ALN). Pupils whom we identify with a need are integrated into the mainstream classes where they participate fully in the National Curriculum and all aspects of school life. Our schemes of work are appropriate for mixed ability groups and tasks for pupils with Additional Learning Needs are included in these schemes. When appropriate an Individual Education Programme (IEP) is devised for a pupil with specific learning difficulties.

Assessment of each child begins with the Baseline Profile on entry to the school, where any problems or concerns of the parents or teacher can be noted. A number of standard reading tests are used to monitor progress throughout the school in addition to Y4 CATS and end of year assessments.

Special Educational Needs are met in a 4 stage process laid down by the current SEN Code of Practice. The process starts with the identification of the child’s needs and may end, if necessary, with the LEA issuing a Statement of Special Educational Needs. Progress at each stage is monitored. Assessment is used for diagnostic purposes and the children are closely tracked and given targets for improvement.

Some Gifted and Talented children must be recognised as having Special Educational Needs. We try to provide extension and enrichment activities for them so that they can experience the curriculum at a fast pace and have broader learning opportunities.

The ALN Reform Bill

There are changes being made to the way that Special Educational Needs (now referred to as ‘Additional Learning Needs’) will be carried out in schools from 2020. In readiness for this, some schools are already making changes, e.g. in the way that meetings with parents and pupils are held. We at Guilsfield CP School are implementing the new recommendations in line with county guidance. You will be informed of the changes and how they affect your child by your child’s class teacher and/or your schools, Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo): Miss Gethin