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Guilsfield Primary School

Guilsfield Primary School

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The designated teacher for safeguarding is Huw Jones and the deputy designated safeguarding teacher is Julie Davies.

Our Child Protection and Safeguarding policy is available below.

Safeguarding Policy


We are all aware of the need to protect personal data, whether our own or that of others and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you more control over your information.

Schools collect information such as: pupil names, addresses, dates of birth, names of parents/carers, attendance, test results and teacher assessments.

As a school we have to provide certain data to Powys County Council and the Welsh Government. This is explained in the privacy notice provided to you when your child started at Guilsfield School; a copy is also available on this website. Below is a  Welsh Government booklet which outlines why this information is needed.

Welsh Government Privacy Notice

Guilsfield School may provide limited personal information to external companies providing a curriculum-based resource (which may be on-line) which is deemed to have educational value. In these circumstances the school will ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to preserve the security of the data in line with current legislation and that the external supplier meets all legal requirements regarding the handling of this data as specified in a formal written agreement between the school and the supplier.

If you require any further information on your or your child's personal information or if you want to change your agreements regarding this information stored by Guilsfield School please do not hesitate to contact the school office by phone or email.

Guilsfield School's Privacy Notice is available below:

GDPR Privacy Notice Guilsfield School